UiPath Community Programs


As a part of the UiPath Community, you are surrounded by over 750,000+ other automation professionals. While we are all globally connected, we have many other programs to engage with that may suit your interests. If you would like to be more involved beyond our events, here are some other programs to participate in:  


UiPath Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - Community Award: The MVP program is the highest recognition program for those who have already been making valuable, innovative, and consistent contributions to the UiPath Community. If you are passionate about pushing the boundaries in automation and building communities, we would love to learn about your skills, accomplishments, and passion towards building the UiPath Community. Find out more about what it takes to be the next MVP for 2021!

Community Video Tutorials: Hundreds of thousands of learners into automation can hear your voice by having your Tutorials on the Academy. Microlearning is disrupting education as we used to know and is making your how-to's, demos, and insights easily shareable among peers. If you are passionate about creating educational video content into automation, you can become one of our Community Contributors and get recognised for sharing your knowledge. You can complete the Tutorials that others already shared, and join the effort with your knowledge and expertise. Join the Academy Community Tutorials!

Be a Contributor to our Community Blog: Our community blog gives a platform for your voice and your experiences in the hyperautomation industry. With a need for tutorials across our community, we invite community developers to write out their detailed workflows step-by-step. We have an on-going list of topics to write about, who wants to take a stab at writing first?

Interested in Technical Writing –  It's super easy to improve our documentation at docs.uipath.com.

Hackathons: Highly engaging competitions in which you bring up innovative ideas, and you enhance your capabilities in automation. With the help of mentors and Product Managers, you bring your proof of concepts to life, streamline processes and make your life easier with bots, reusable components, snippets that help you or the others around you, directly published on the Marketplace. Hackathons are designed for individuals, teams, and organisations, depending on the most wanted topics and the technologies that are in focus in a given time. Stay tuned to hear about the next ones and join the Hackathons Chapter for instant notifications.  Check our latest hackathon into Custom Activities on the Forum.

 Insider Preview Program:  To stay updated on the latest innovations from our product team, we highly recommend you join the Insider Preview Program. As an Insider, you'll receive exclusive opportunities to access early builds of new features and updates, will gain access to the Insider Portal to provide feedback, and ultimately help influence and shape our product roadmap. 

UiPath Community Feedback: We love your feedback! Your feedback helps us shape the product roadmap, so, it's important to understand the different ways you can share your feedback that gets directly to our Product Team. Follow the Guidelines on the Forum and submit your feedback and experience with us.  


If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact us for more details. In the subject line, please put the program you are interested in as well an introduction to your background, current professional role, and what city you are based in. We will respond quickly with the next steps to get enrolled in these activities!